Books by Kim Mackenzy Andrews

Kim’s children's books strongly promote the enjoyment and appreciation of nature. Although as an educationalist Kim fully appreciates the benefits and the challenges of the digital age for children growing up today.

On this site you will find simple ideas that help parents to support their children's development and connection to nature 'NATURE KIDS' and also signpost for the  healthy use of technology 'DIGITAL KIDS'- with guides and articles:- such as best nature apps demonstrating useful ways to link nature and technology in a balanced approach to help reduce stress and maximize well-being for children and their parents

Nature's Hearts- Close-up photos showing some of the hidden heart shapes that plants contain. Twelve photographs, one for each month make this book unique as a gift that can be given at any time of year.

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 ‘Once Upon a Wildflower.’  A series of 18 illustrated eco fairy stories-

Raising children's awareness about rare wildflowers so that they can influence plant conservation for future generations, is the inspiration behind the series:-                                                           ‘Once Upon a Wildflower.’ 

Other books include:-

Bertie Bee & Bettie Bee- a picture book about the life-cycle of the humble, bumble bee.

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