Children’s Books by Kim Mackenzy Andrews

 Books in Progress:-

Once Upon a Wildflower –  Eco Fairy-Tales of the World.             

Children's books Kim Mackenzy Andrews
Once Upon a Wildflower Smart Alix
Children's books Kim Mackenzy Andrews Once Upon a Wildflower Clever Clovis

The Once Upon a Wildflower picture book series helps teach children about the value of wildflowers and encourages their connection to nature. 

Fairies have always enjoyed wildflower expeditions but in today’s environment they encounter far more problems. These stories feature endangered wildflowers, from each corner of the fairy kingdom. 

Stories by Kim Mackenzy Andrews that connect children to the wonder of wildflowers.

The United Kingdom Series includes:- 

Smart Alix, Brave Bovis, Clever Clovis,

Dazzling Dylan, Expert Esme, Fantastic Felix,

 Gorgeous Gwenever.

The U.S.A. series includes:- 

Joyful Jodie, King Kylo, Lucky Leon,

Magnificent Millie, Noble Neive, Proud Polly, 

Outstanding Ollie. 

More stories in progress – 

Bertie Bee & Bettie Bee:-

The life-cycle of the humble, bumble bee-retold as a love story.

Children's books by Kim Mackenzy Andrews

And more…

The Ladybird Who Lost Her  Spots.

The Spider With No Web.

The Wasp Without Stripes.

Kim Mackenzy Andrews
Kim Mackenzy Andrews

Kim Mackenzy Andrews is a writer, artist, photographer and all-round creative person. Kim is passionate about helping parents to develop their child's love of nature in today’s tech dependant world.

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