2/ Homeschooling:- Nature and Wellbeing

Homeschooling:- Nature & Wellbeing.

Some of us have always appreciated nature as food for the soul. For many others, the change in our lifestyle because of the pandemic has given us the chance to get outside and enjoy nature more than ever before.

Getting Outdoors

Some of us prefer to potter in the garden. Others like going for a walk. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself outdoorsy or not.
As long as you can appreciate fresh air and green spaces, then you can encourage your children to connect with nature.

Countryside Walking

We are incredibly lucky in the U.K. to have hundreds of thousands of networks of footpaths to explore. The variety of landscapes is huge and of course we are blessed with our ever-changing weather. 
Even if you stick to local walks. Taking the time to notice the little details and differences in trees and plants, even just the way the light falls, can turn each walk into a fresh experience.

Physical Health and Mental Health

Physical and mental health are intertwined. Walking is proven to reduce anxiety levels and elevate mood. There is a strong link between walking and mental health which also feeds into emotional resilience.
Brisk walking is good for cardiovascular health and reducing blood pressure. So it can actually help us to live longer.
Passing on a love for the outdoors to our children is so important. Nature can completely captivate children.
Playing outside helps to develop their imagination and their independence.
Kim Mackenzy Andrews
Kim Mackenzy Andrews

Kim Mackenzy Andrews is a writer, artist, photographer and all-round creative person. Kim is passionate about helping parents to develop their child's love of nature in today’s tech dependant world.

Find her nature blog at CountrysideKim.com

In my next blog post, I will share some extra simple tips about how to enjoy your next outdoor adventure with your child during the winter months.