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Get Outside in January


Shape spotting

If you go for a walk in your local environment, it can be even more interesting if you have a focussed activity. All too often we walk through life without properly appreciating our surroundings.

Lots of people (young and old) find it interesting to identify the plants they see on their walks. We will take a look at I.D. skills for plants in later articles. For starters, here is a simple activity that anyone of any age can enjoy. No I.D. skills required.

Give yourselves a wildflower theme to look out for. It could be a colour (other than green). This simple activity will help you look and notice more of your surroundings. Or choose a shape and go shape spotting. We can see circles and ovals frequently in nature. If you are up for a challenge, how about looking for heart shapes? 

You might find a leaf which is heart-shaped or you might see some leaves (or petals) that make a heart shape when they overlap. 

There are no rules. Try counting or photographing all the heart shapes that you find and see who can find the most.

January Snowdrops

snowdrop heart

The most important thing is to have fun finding heart shapes. Remember to look closely at tiny weeds as well. Their shapes may surprise you.

Watch the video for even more inspiration:-

...and download this picture to colour:-

Snowdrop colouring

Right Click the picture above and choose save as… and save to your desktop for printing.

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Kim Mackenzy Andrews

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