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Once Upon A Wildflower

Once Upon A Wildflower heading

In the ‘Once Upon a Wildflower’ international children’s book series, the fairy friends struggle to find the rare wildflowers they need but they do encounter the unexpected on their wildflower hunting adventures. 

The resilience of fairy friendships is tested on every wildflower hunt.

The arrival of help in the form of insect characters also raises questions to test any poor fairy’s conscience.

Are there any answers that can lead to a happy ending?  

fairy friends make a plan

In the Once Upon a Wildflower series you will discover some previously unknown facts about fairies.

For instance, did you know that every time a fairy receives an invitation, they like to compete with one another to look their very best for each occasion?

You might also learn quite a few fascinating facts about wildflowers and their habitats.

Each series is written and adapted for its own personal international audience, with local research that informs each story. Find out more here..

Kim Mackenzy Andrews
Kim Mackenzy Andrews

Kim holds degrees in Primary Education, Education Leadership and Contemporary Art History. She is passionate about helping parents to develop their child's love of nature in today’s tech dependant world. Kim's books are all about discovering nature and wildflowers. Kim is also patch reporter for the BBC wildlife magazine. Find her nature blog at

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