Raising the Digital Generation


The 21st century is a challenging time to be a parent. Parents have anxieties about the types of parenting changes that they face in the digital world. Everyone is slowly working out how to control the technology to meet their values and their needs rather than being controlled by it. There is a rapid pace at which new digital products are being developed and this can lead to parents feeling overwhelmed. Technology raises questions for parents that did not previously exist. Questions fall into two main areas. Parents want to be informed about new technology and keep ahead of the game so that they can help their children. But they also worry about things like screen time and the ill effects potential effects of excessive use of technology. They want to get the balance right.



 Parents want to know how digital devices can be used for good effect. They are seeking the right advice to support their children their children throughout their childhood and teenage years to get the best use from the technology available. Parents need to know that technology is not inherently harmful and they don't need to feel guilty about letting their children use smartphones or tablets. The trick is to use them wisely for educational purposes and in ways that bring the family together.

 Professionals issue guidelines about the amount of time children should use technology but these are frequently changing. More information regularly available and research is completed all the time. So parents do need to up-to-date with the latest information and studies from around the world.


Parents want to know about  the responsible use of technology, also known as digital citizenship. They need a balanced view about both the wonders and the dangers of technology and the Internet. Information about how to build children's resilience so that they can get the best out of all that's available while avoiding the potential pitfalls.

They should choose at least one source of information and visit it regularly in order to stay informed and aware of the latest technology available. One that offers unbiased reviews about the latest devices and apps. So that they can choose the best technology for the age of their child, based on features such as robustness, price, educational value, entertainment value, and whether it promotes children's development.


             To summarise, if you are a parent of the digital generation and you are concerned about your child spending too much time with technology but at the same time been worried that if you don’t provide all the latest technology and digital experiences they will fall behind their peers, then you are not alone. If you want to harness the positive power of technology, then bookmark this site and revisit regularly to read the latest posts with links to other sites to help you navigate the world of digital parenting

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